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Comments on this blog are moderated. That means they don’t automatically appear with the blogs.

Unlike many blogs, this one doesn’t revolve around the social media “community.” The information in the blog posts is the focus as opposed to reader comments. The goal of this blog is to inform, educate and perhaps motivate readers to speak out about informant injustice in all forms in our criminal justice system. The case of Richard Wershe, Jr. in Michigan is the catalyst.

I am very busy digging for the historic law enforcement investigative files related to “White Boy Rick.” Those files are the fuel that fires this blog. Getting those files involves time-consuming battles with various bureaucracies. The Freedom of Information Act Requests or FOIAs and the formal related correspondence take considerable time and persistence. There’s no end in sight. Candidly, I don’t have a lot of time to devote to the comment section. I will green light a few, as appropriate and as time permits. That means I’m inclined to post comments that help all of us gain more knowledge of the true facts of the Richard Wershe, Jr. story and the world of police informants.

If you have real info related to Rick’s case, as opposed to theories or hunches or visions, by all means let me know. If you have something that might help but you don’t want it shared online, just say so.


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