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Kym Worthy’s Election Opponent on Rick Wershe: “I would not block his re-sentencing.”

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy is running for re-election on November 8th. Supporters of Rick Wershe know only too well she is the one person who has fought, ferociously, to keep him in prison until he dies. It’s part of a political vendetta because Wershe helped the FBI prosecute a politically connected drug gang and helped put drug-corrupted cops in prison. Wershe told on the wrong people and he cost them a lot of money. The Detroit/Wayne County political machine has retaliated by fighting to keep him behind bars. Convicted drug hitmen have served less time than Wershe. Kym Worthy’s election opponent, David Afton, thinks Wershe’s continued imprisonment is “unconscionable.” He wants and needs help defeating Kym Worthy at the ballot box. There’s not much time, but there’s enough if people take action.

David Afton.

I’ve never heard of him and I’ll bet you haven’t, either. He’s waging an uphill campaign to become the next Wayne County Prosecutor. The media, and Kym Worthy, have ignored him.

David Afton - Libertarian - He's running against Kym Worthy for Wayne County Prosecutor

If you go to the Detroit Free Press Web site and enter his name in the search box, you’ll find nothing.

Afton is not worth a mention in their election coverage.

If you go to the Detroit News Web site and enter his name in the search box, you’ll find nothing.

Afton is not worth a mention in their election coverage, either.

Phone calls, a lot of phone calls, can change that between now and Election Day. It won’t be easy but if all the people who have expressed outrage over the policies and arrogance of Kym Worthy start making phone calls and asking others to make phone calls, well, that’s how election upsets can happen.

Many readers of Informant America have sent emails supporting the release of Rick Wershe and some have pleaded with me to help them, somehow, with their case or the case of a relative who was sent to prison for a long term by Kym Worthy.

Anyone who has followed the saga of Mr. Wershe in these blogs posts and anyone who supports Dave Majkowski’s Free Richard Wershe, Jr.Facebook page knows Kym Worthy is the primary obstacle between Wershe and freedom.
David Afton could change that if he defeats Kym Worthy in the November 8th election.

For those who don’t know or don’t remember, last year Wayne County Circuit Court judge Dana Hathaway, the judge assigned to Wershe’s case after his original trial judge retired, reviewed his case in light of recent decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court and the Michigan Supreme Court and she concluded the state’s most high profile non-violent drug case inmate was entitled to have his sentenced reduced to what amounted to time served.

She has an opponent in the election and he disagrees with her on the Richard Wershe, Jr. case. (Photo-WDIV-TV)

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, who seems to think her responsibility is punishment, not justice, had a legal fit. 

She fought Wershe’s release with everything she had, wasting taxpayer money in terms of legal work against the release of Wershe. She fought it all the way to the Michigan Supreme Court. The high court, in an amazing display of collective cowardice, decided not to hear the case even while it has been freeing prisoner after prisoner under one of its own rulings known as the Lockridge decision. In a craven display of spinelessness, none of the Michigan Supreme Court justices signed the non-decision regarding Wershe.

Yesterday (Saturday) I briefly interviewed David Afton by telephone. To follow are quotes from that interview:

(On Rick Wershe’s continued imprisonment)

“I actually don’t see any basis for it. It appears his punishment and his sentencing is far disproportional to not only what he did but to other people who have done similar, quote unquote, ‘crimes.’”

(On the fact Rick Wershe was a teenager when he was sentenced to life in prison.)

“It appears to me that there’s definitely an argument that he deserves a second look also because he was a juvenile.”
“There’s a reason we have a distinction, juvenile versus adult. Juveniles do lack sound judgment. There’s a reason we don’t let juveniles enter in to contracts, so to me, it’s unconscionable that they would be treated the same as an adult for a crime of this nature.”

(On Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Dana Hathaway’s effort to re-sentence Rick Wershe)

“I would definitely (as Wayne County Prosecutor) not oppose any effort on the part of a defense attorney to seek another sentencing hearing or to seek a parole hearing.”
“The prosecutor does have the obligation to seek justice. The greater obligation is to avoid injustice.”

(As prosecutor, Afton says would not try to block the judge’s intent to review the Wershe case.)

“I would have nothing to fear or to hide. Let a re-sentencing hearing occur. Let a judge take a look at all the evidence and the circumstances. The same goes with the Parole Board. There’s nothing to fear. The truth is the truth.”

(On Kym Worthy’s strenuous efforts to stop Judge Hathaway from re-sentencing Rick Wershe)

“I don’t understand why it would serve justice to block this kind of thing—unless there is something to be afraid of.  I don’t understand why the powers that be (Kym Worthy) would be trying to block it, unless they are trying to hide something,
“I say, let the truth come out. Shine a light on it.”


This is the exact opposite of Kym Worthy’s position. As far as she’s concerned Rick Wershe is buried alive and she is doing all she can to keep it that way. He caused problems for her political and personal allies and this is her way of maintaining the vendetta that has continued for nearly 30 years.

If you think it’s time for Kym Worthy to go earn a living doing something else, David Afton is the option. You are encouraged to visit his Web site and read his positions on the issues. He offers a stark contrast to the way Kym Worthy operates. If you don't live in Wayne County, think of people you know who do live there. Reach out to them and talk about David Afton's campaign to unseat Kym Worthy. Ask them to contact their neighbors and encourage the neighbors to call other neighbors. It's how things change.

His Web site,, can be found here.

There is a choice in this election.


One of the Michigan voter election guides features the views of the candidates running for Wayne County Prosecutor. It is a good place to find David Afton’s responses to issues questions.

Kym Worthy didn’t bother to respond to the questionnaire. Apparently, she is so confident (arrogant) that she will win that she figured she didn’t have to bother providing the voters with her views on anything related to her job.

You can find the voter guide about the Wayne CountyProsecutor’s Office here. 

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